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We Love Designing Websites

Having a website is providing your client as well as potential clients, a virtual peek of your physical business showcasing your sole motive as a company and what it stands for. So, grab the opportunity with RaraSoft to enhance your customer service professionally with a website.

Custom Web Design

Your Business, Branding And Marketing Are Different From Your Competitors. We Design Custom Built Websites That Reflect Your Point Of Difference.

Conversion Optimised

We Combine Jaw Dropping, Unique Custom Website Design With An Eye On Conversion Optimisation, All To Achieve Your Business Marketing Goals.

Mobile Responsive

We Can Create A Device-Responsive Website Design For Your Brand, That Is Optimised To Look Great And Work Well On Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops And Desktops.

We Design Websites For Success.

There Can Be A Big Difference Between Custom Designed Websites And Websites Built With Off The Shelf Bought Wordpress Themes. Designing Websites Shouldn't Be A 'One Size Fits All' Experience. Your Business Is Unique, Just Like Your Website.

Web Design In Nepal

Travel website Design

A travel website should provoke the traveller inside a person’s heart and intrigue them to book a flight or a bus as soon as they land on your page. Design eye-catching travel site and be the best digital destination there can be.

Travel WebSite

News Portal Website Design

Everyone has transformed itself from physical form to digital form in no time. News play vital role thus, has better access and attract more readers when its digitized so bring in your visions and leave with a leading news portal site.

News Portal

School Website Design

Exciting website creates an impression amidst parents and students encouraging them to understand more about school and college’s dynamic which directly leads to higher rate of admissions.

School WebSite

Consultancy Website Design

Consultancy’s motive is all about showcasing success rates and achievements over the years to help people discover path to quality life. What better way to be of service than creating exceptional website.

Consultancy WebSite

Corporate Website Design

Transparency of the company and the products produced becomes handy to grow the numbers of clients. We understand the goals of any company and manufacturer hence, create website with knowledgeable agility.

Agriculture WebSite

Online Shop Website Design

Online market’s success is far greater than that of a physical store. Online shopping is a trend you don’t wanna miss out on and we are here to be of assistance to transform your store.

Online Shop

Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is an approach to web page creation that makes use of flexible layouts, flexible images and cascading style sheet media queries. The goal of responsive design is to build web pages that detect the visitor's screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly.

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Why custom web design?

We Try To Avoid Bought Wordpress Themes, Preferring To Custom Design Websites That Have The Power To Transform And Lift The Perception Of Your Brand Online.
We Design And Build Your Website From Scratch, To Meet The Unique Goals Of Your Business. All Aspects Of The Site From The Look And Feel, To The Usability, To Speed Performance, Are Designed Specifically To Improve The User Experience For You And Your Visitors.

What's a bought theme?

Often A Cheap Way To Get A Website Is To Just Buy A Pre- Designed, Off The Shelf Wordpress Theme - Slap Some Content In And Job Done. Building A Website This Way Is Only Doing Half The Job, And Could Be Doing More Damage To Your Brand Or Business Than Not Having A Website.
Your Website Is A 24/7 Marketing Machine That Should Be Designed To Present Well, And Work Hard To Convert Your Visitors In To Customers.

Why WordPress themes can be bad.

Every Now And Then We Have A New Client Come To Us With A Website Built On A Bought Wordpress Theme, And We Can See The Flaws And Limitations Of Their Website.
Wordpress Themes Are Designed To Do Everything For Everyone - Which In Theory Sounds Great. But All That Extra Functionality Can Make A Site Hard To Use (For You, The Admin, In The Back-End). And The Site Can Be Slow To Load From All That Extra Bloat.

WebSite Design with great feature


If You're The Kind Of Client That Wants A Successful Website, And Can Appreciate A Custom Website Design That Performs Well Beyond The Basic And Default, Get In Touch. We Want To Work With You.